Monday, June 23, 2014

W is for whack

Most of the time, my guy spanks me with his bare hand, mostly across my bare bottom. I love how intimate and physical the spanking is. He told me that he can feel his hand ache as he is spanking me hard.

The neat part about his reaction? He never complains about how sore his hand feels. He enjoys it. I am glad. I love when he spanks me hard.

I do like when he uses other implements, too. Sure, using them seems like an extension of his arm and a good substitute for his hand, but we both prefer a sound hand spanking for me.

It's the sound of a wooden paddle across my backside that arouses me. He has never used the one that I have had for years. In my car, I have a wooden, thick ruler, which we both love. It comes in handy! I am thinking of having him use a thicker, wider wooden paddle on me soon.

There is something about wood being used in a spanking or paddling that I like. I enjoy the sting and sound that it makes. I like looking at my butt afterward in the mirror and seeing how rosy-coloured it is.

He will need to easy me in when it comes to the intensity of the paddling. It has been a while. It is also a new implement and experience for him.

It'll be a nice present to him and for my birthday. I can't wait!

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