Sunday, June 08, 2014

H is for hot dog

This challenge is for 26 days, as each day starts with a letter from the alphabet. So, with June having 30 days, I could either blog six days a week, or just trying to get through each day with the next letter of the alphabet. I seem to be doing the latter. We'll see if I can continue this trend!

I talk about my love for eating a hot dog now and again. Last week, I went to South St. Burger Company and ordered one. My guy called me while I was indulging. I am probably one of the few p people who love a leafy lettuce leaf in my hot dog bun. We then talked on Skype and I told him about it.

My guy vows never to get me a hot dog. He is right that a hot dog isn't exactly the healthiest food you can choose, but he is bending a bit these days. This compromise consists of my buying a hot dog and eating it occasionally.

Our hot dog debate started when we were both in St. Louis. My guy loves Costco. It is his favourite store. We went there to shop. My guy is boyish in that when he is hungry, he must eat something or else he will be a grumpy guy. He may start whining. It wouldn't be a pleasant experience. So, we ate there.

He is a gentleman in that he will always pay for my meal whenever we are out. He doesn't have to. He wants to. At Costco, it was the same routine, except that he wouldn't let me order a hot dog.

Since then, I always bring up the suggestion of going out to get a hot dog. I like to see my guy roll his eyes and tell me that it will never happen. I will playfully pout and whine.

One conversation that I never wrote about went something like the following several months ago:
"You're mean. You should let me order whatever I want to eat at Costco, including a hot dog."
"Hot dogs are not healthy," he reasoned. "They have tons of chemicals that I don't want in your body."
"True, but they are yummy to have now and again," I insisted. "You want me to be happy, right?"
"Well, you have a larger hot dog that you can eat," he said, making his segue into being naughty. "My hot dog is reusable and healthy. You can also put all the condom-ents on that you want."
He's punny that way.


  1. Isn't he great to be there for you when you want a good hot dog. I assume biting would not be recommended!

    1. Yes, biting could be a problem there. If I had to, I'd have to do it teeth-free. =)

  2. LOL, love the pun, but I really think he ought to re-think his argument. There's nothing a fine as sinking your teeth into a nice, juice dog and just chewing it to pieces. Also, what about chemical-, filler-, and nitrate-free dogs?

    1. I know! It's summer and hot dogs go so well with the warm weather. He flat out does not think that hot dogs are healthy, so I just have to eat one or many when he is not around. It's still fun to tease him about getting me a hot dog. =)

  3. Wow, you must cook your own meals a lot. Almost everything that comes in a package has chemicals (i.e. preservatives, nitrates) in it! I like hot dogs, too, even though I know it's basically ground up leftover parts from a bunch of animals.

    1. Yes, we eat pretty healthy on the whole, but I crave a hot dog now and again. I could be at a movie theatre and want one over the traditional bag of popcorn. It's simply yummy to me. Like you've said, it's not the best form of protein, but it sure is tasty!