Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Q is for questions for the queen

My blog post's title is quirky. Coincidentally, today's challenge is a topic that begins with the letter q.

My guy has made it safely to India. We have talked a couple of times since he arrived. We were supposed to talk on Monday afternoon, but a celebratory team lunch at work prevented me from chatting with him. By the time we were done eating and chatting over lunch for a whopping three hours, my guy was fast asleep.

This post's title is all about my guy. I will need to back up a bit.

My guy and I used to work in the same department. Within the last two years, our past company was acquired by a larger one. Due to moulding to this larger company's departmental structure, my guy and I no longer work in the same department.

It's interesting that my guy comes into the office, but doesn't technically belong to any department. He is his own department. So, he tends to have tons of work-related questions and doesn't have a true team locally to help him out. As a result, he often fires questions at me, but does it in a gentle manner. I don't mind helping him out and he genuinely appreciates my help.

Often, his questions will start with by the way. I have teased him about it. I always know that his work-related questions begin with that lead-in. He recently broke tradition, but qualified one of his questions by saying that it would be quick.

Well, it was quick at the beginning. However, I had to sit with him for half an hour to finally determine that he doesn't have the proper access rights anymore to access a network drive. He no longer works for our old department, so many of his access privileges have been revoked.

So, what is this queen thing all about? My guy frequently calls me his queen. He believes that I deserve to be treated like one. He will tell me that when we kiss, which can be pretty often, and when he has a strong desire to tell me how much he loves me. He is affectionate and sweet in his own way. He treats me like a queen, too. I don't take it for granted.

This queen misses her king tonight. 

I talked to him a couple of hours ago before he headed off to work. I was doing laundry while he was ironing a dress shirt. Even though we are miles apart from each other, we tend to do related tasks that we both find therapeutic while we chat about anything we feel like. We feel closer, which helps.

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