Thursday, June 12, 2014

L is for little things

I was pretty bummed out on Monday. It generally is the case when it's that time of the month. I then got an e-mail from my guy, saying that he had to cancel having lunch with me that day and possibly for the entire week.

To add to that piece of news, I asked him whether he would be free after work. He said that he would call me. He never did. Apparently, he came looking for me at 18:30. My day started at 08:30. I worked overtime and left just after 18:00. I didn't even bother responding to him.

My guy can tell when I am upset with him. I normally tend to contact him back pretty quickly. I didn't bother on Monday. He knew that he had to patch things up.

On Wednesday, I was expecting to not have lunch with him. I drove into work and got there by 12:30. Wednesdays are long days for me. My workday starts at 07:30 with a conference call that I take at home.

I parked my car at the office and noticed a text from my guy. He wanted to do lunch. I said that I would swing by the training room. He seemed pleasantly shocked to see me. He has never seen me at work that early on a Wednesday. We headed to his car and we drove to our usual restaurant hangout.

We both tried a new dish. It was spicy garlic chicken. It was yummy.

We were talking about my upcoming vacation. I will be away for my birthday. He remembered the exact date from memory. I was impressed. He told me that he could never forget such a special day. It's the little things that he says and does that impress me the most.

After lunch, we headed back to his car. He told me that he got Lexus rims on his car, even though he does not drive a Lexus. I had to walk around his car to look at them. They were nice.

As I was heading back to the passenger side, he noticed my bright red toenails and said so. I was impressed. He went on to say that I normally don't paint my nails such a bold colour. He is right. I tend to go with softer colours, or darker ones, such as midnight blue and purple.

He notices little things about me. I love how attentive he is. It's nice to be with an observant guy.


  1. Yes it is nice to have the little things spotted. I would have to wear a big sign over my head for hubby to notice such things.

  2. Enjoy those little moments of high observation now. It tends to not be so wonderful later on when he's catching you do things that will affect your ability to sit later on. ;)

  3. That was a sweet post and I think it's hard to remember the little things sometimes (I know I forget a lot). It's good to bring the focus back.