Thursday, May 16, 2013

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Say the following out loud and it will make more sense:

I must admit that I had to say it a few times to get it. Yes, my synapses didn't exactly fire as well as they could have.

It's a fascinating subject to discuss. Self-spankings. Have I ever given myself a spanking?

I don't recall writing about this topic at length. The quick answer is yes.

I have always been turned on by getting a birthday spanking. I would see my friends lovingly getting their birthday smacks when we were in grade school. Unfortunately, my birthday is in July, when school is out. So, I didn't have that luxury.

My parents never spanked me. I am also an only child. I am a goody-goody. So, I did spank myself -- specifically, giving myself birthday swats.

First, they were across my jeans or pants. If I were at home, on my bed, my pants would come off and I'd spank myself with my bare had across my panties.

I would estimate that I must have been ten or eleven years of age when I gave myself a bare-bottomed spanking. Everything was with my open hand. I would be either on my knees, with my butt in the air, spanking myself, or I'd be on my side, swatting each buttock.

I then got into using implements. They were items that I had as a child. I had tennis and badminton rackets. I used a plastic hockey stick. I recall using a blue plastic shovel that had a flat back. I also like slapping my backside with a wooden ruler, which I still have to this day and love it. They were all special in making my backside turn pink.

Of course, trying to keep the noise down was key. When I was in grade seven or eight, it would be easier to spank myself when my parents were at work. However, if they were at home, I figured that I could still get some soreness by pinching my backside a bunch of times, and then lightly spanking myself either across my panties or extremely lightly over my bare bottom.

All this reminiscing is bringing back great memories.

Do I like self-spankings now? I don't know. I can't answer that because I haven't given myself one for the longest time. I probably prefer to be spanked by someone else, simply because that has been the case for a while.

With self-spankings, you know when each smack is going to land. When my guy spanks me, I have no idea how hard, fast, or which buttock will be smacked. I like that uncertainty. It keeps me guessing. It adds to the excitement.

I suppose that my keeping quiet when I am spanked these days stems from my childhood of not making a ton of noise during a self-spanking. This experience may also be the reason why I am relatively quiet when I reach orgasm in the sense that I am not yelling out to the world that it's happening. You do hear moans and groans, but I am not waking up the neighbours.

When I am spanked these days, I could care less how loud my spanking is. Funny how things change when you're older.

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