Thursday, May 02, 2013

Crying, laughing, and spanking

The last twenty-four hours has been quite the mixed bag of emotions. I am a sensitive person, but I tend to tear up more with my guy these days.

For the past couple of months, my guy has been looking for a brown dress shirt. For some odd reason, brown slacks are easy to find for guys. Try finding the same colour in a shirt and it becomes a challenge.

Well, my guy had thought that Mark's would have it. I went looking there a couple of days later. Sure enough, I found a light brown dress shirt. I bought it, knowing what shirt size my guy wears. It was also on sale.

I had bought it weeks ago. I gave it to him on Monday. He has been away for weeks. He loved it. What I forgot to do was remove the price tag.

On Tuesday, my guy and I talked on Skype. He was at our usual Chinese restaurant, but having dinner alone. He had an online meeting that he was going to conduct at work, but went out to grab dinner. So, we chatted while he ate.

He told me that he loved the shirt that I got him. He told me that I shouldn't get him expensive gifts. I should get something "reasonable" for him, even though I told him that I had got it on sale.

His comments made me sad. I broke down and cried. He knew that he had touched a nerve. I told him that I should be able to buy whatever I wanted. He told me not to squander my money, which made me cry even more.

He had to head back to the office. It didn't help that he said, "Come on," to try and make me feel better. Instead, I cried more. He told me not to be sad. I told him that it was too late. I was already there.

He attempted to comfort me, saying that I do give good gifts and that he loves the shirt. He pointed out that I have never given him a bad gift. He said that he would call me after his meeting.

My guy kept his promise. We talked on the phone as he drove home.

I explained to him that I had wanted to give him that shirt. I wasn't squandering my money. I thought that it was going to a worthy cause. When I give a gift, I don't expect comments on how expensive it was or how unreasonable the price was. I was hurt by those comments. I just told him to accept my gift and let me give it to him. After all, he deserves some pampering now and again.

I realized a bit later that his comments stem from the fact that he is the most polite person I have ever been with. He believes that he should shower me with gifts. I told him that the two most recent gifts that I got him do not compare in price to all the goodies he has ever given me. I don't give him gifts as often as he does. He travels more than I do, after all.

He felt comforted by my statement that I appreciate his gifts and that I am not used to getting so many thoughtful presents. I feel special when he thinks about me. It's not a competition. I would be fine without the gifts. I know that he thinks the world of me and wants to protect me. They mean far more to me than a gift competition of sorts.

He told me that he doesn't intentionally want to hurt me. I knew that. We were good.

After work today, my guy and I had a quick treehouse session. We left work at 17:00. Rush-hour traffic was horrific. We were only driving up the road!

Once again, my car was the treehouse. My guy still had his four tires that he had purchased in his backseat. He had explained to me the previous evening that the lug nuts didn't match what he had. I told him that he had to sort out his nut problem, which made him laugh.

My guy was wearing a new pair of brown slacks that he had bought while he was in Newark. Coincidentally, the colour of them matched the brown shirt that I had bought him. I had told him that I had paired a dark brown belt with the shirt in Mark's. My guy did the same thing. He looked good in his outfit.

Today, my guy felt that he needed to make up for upsetting me. He's sweet that way. We kissed for a bit.

It's rare that we make out and then engage in conversation in the middle of it. We did that today, but it was on topic. My guy asked me if I had used the dildo that he had got me. I was embarrassed to tell him that I was about to last night, but I had fallen asleep. I woke up cuddling the dildo next to my face. He smiled and laughed. I don't have a teddy bear. I had a cuddly dildo!

We resumed kissing. He groped my breasts as we kissed. Our role-playing scenario today was my guy playing a doctor. He was examining me.

My first exam consisted of my guy fingering my clit. I came moments later. In a good state of mind, I asked my doctor if I was normal. He said that he would have to conduct another test.

The second test required bending over his knee. He played with my pussy from behind. He fingered me some more. I came again. I asked him if that test showed that I was normal. He wasn't so sure. I had to go through a third test.

Well, the third test was my being fingered up my butt. It was intense, but I loved that he had one hand on my left buttock as he fingered me from behind with his other hand. It was heaven! I was incredibly dopey afterwards. I immediately went to cuddle next to him. He held me in his arms, which always makes me feel good. He told me that I was perfectly normal.

He was teasing me by making up ridiculous words, such as dopification and dopify.
"Even though I am dopey, I know that dopification is not a word."
"Really?" he said, chuckling.
"Those fake words hurt my head. I need a pain killer."
"Did you say pain?" he asked me.
It has been a long time since I have been spanked. My pants and lacy black panties were already down to my ankles. He proceeded to give me a lopsided, bare-bottomed spanking on my left buttock. It hurt. I enjoyed every hard smack. I cuddled up even closer to him as he did it.

I was too dopey to move. He held me for a bit, but had to go and meet a friend. He held my hand and kissed it. He asked if I was going to be okay, and whether I would pull up my panties and pants. I smiled and said that I would sooner or later. He got out of my car and headed over to my side.

He opened the door next to me. He leaned over and kissed me twice. Both were passionate kisses.
"The shirt [that you gave me] is awesome," he said.
"I'm glad."
He carefully closed the door and headed to his car. We waved to each other as he backed out of the parking space.

Hopefully, it's not the last time that we see each other before he hits the road for two weeks. On Friday, he needs to get a work visa. Hopefully, he can squeeze some time for us. If not, there is always Skype. It's definitely better than nothing.

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