Sunday, May 05, 2013

On the road again

And, just like that, my guy is on the road again.

It is tough being with someone who can go months without travelling and then he is away for what seems to be months. Sure, we do the best that we can and things do balance out. In my case, I wish that I didn't have a job in which I don't travel that much.

We didn't have quality time on Friday. My guy had to pick up his work visa from the consulate before it was closed for the week. At work, he came upstairs to see me just after 15:00 on Friday. I was in a sad mood, not just because we weren't going to be spending much time together. I was down for some other reasons since Thursday.

My guy could kind of sense that. He touched my bare arm. I was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, as the warmer weather has finally hit southern Ontario. I looked at him and whispered that his hand was cold. He grinned.

It's amazing just how different we are from a body temperature standpoint. My guy had a jacket and a shirt on, with a nice pair of slacks on. Yet, his hand touching my skin felt like he had dunked it in icy water for several minutes. Meanwhile, I seemed like a warm-blooded creature in my outfit. Had I worn my guy's outfit, I would have been sweating buckets.

I stayed fairly late at work for a Friday afternoon. My guy had a tutoring session at 18:00, but he logged on to Skype fifteen minutes before his session just to chat with me. He was concerned. He is sweet that way.

After his session, we talked on the phone for a bit. We were both driving home, but in opposite directions. I was feeling better. We were teasing each other and laughed, which was needed. He is in India for two weeks. My guy reassured me that we'd keep in touch, which is good.

This picture that I found on Twitter reminds me of us:

The lacy black panties that I wear kind of look like the ones in this picture. My guy likes groping my backside and touching my thighs. I love to caress his head. It's a great image.

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