Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Travel woes versus travel plans

The good news is that my guy made it safely to India. He is jet-lagged, but seems to be handling it better than usual.

The downside is that the Internet connection at his hotel is horrible. So, we are staying in touch through e-mails this week. We'll see if the connection gets better the following week, to see if we can Skype again.

Last Friday, when we chatted on the phone, he advised that we have new clients in New Zealand. Although trips over there aren't secured as of yet, we both agreed that it would be ideal if he had to fly over there for a week-long meeting or something, and I would tag along as a vacationer. Even better, if we both had to do some sort of training, that would be ideal.

However, the more realistic trip would be one to the States. The likely place would be Seattle. We both have not been there. We just don't know when his business trip is scheduled in that city.

My guy compared these shotgun trip decisions to a guy asking his girlfriend to meet immediately because he misses her. I told him that what he had just said sounded familiar -- that something like that has happened to me a handful of times. He went a step further and said that he has done that two me at least two hundred times.

We do have a unique relationship. We don't see each other too often these days, but we make the best of things when we are in the same city.

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