Monday, May 06, 2013

On my spanking implements wishlist: a lexan paddle

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. I know, but I do want a lexan paddle.

When my guy was in Amsterdam, he asked me what I sex toy I wanted. I said that I wanted a lexan paddle. It came out naturally. No deep thinking was required by me.

It then occurred to me that I have never seen a lexan paddle in a sex shop. So, I did a brief search online. It seemed easier to buy one off the Internet. Instead, we resorted to my guy's first suggestion, which was to get me my first dildo.

I love the dildo. It's a fleshy pink colour. My guy says that it's bigger than his member (we have a nickname for his cock, but I won't disclose it here for the time being). I have dubbed his dildo present to me as his lookalike. It really is quite realistic, except that it smells like rubber. I am still not sure how to get rid of that scent, if that's possible.

Anyway, my guy bought me all those nice gifts last week so that I would be reminded of him when he was away. Simply put, I am. I have kissed his lookalike's head as if I were kissing the real deal before I suck and lick his hard cock, for instance.

Getting back to my quest for a lexan paddle, eBay has a few listings. However, they are all shipped from the States. I am sure that duty fees will kill me. The price of shipping it to me is half the price of the paddle itself.

I then went to a paddle Web site that is Canadian-owned. On a good note, I wouldn't have to pay any duty. However, the cheapest paddle is $72. I am sure that it is good quality, but it is too expensive for my budget.

Luckily, I am not under any pressure to get it. After all, I am pleased with my fuzzy purple paddle that has leather on the other side. I have a thick wooden ruler that my guy has used on my backside and is still intact (my backside has allegedly broken two spanking implements so far). So, I am good for now. My backside won't be sore for at least another two weeks. There will be plenty of opportunities for me to sport a sore, red bottom.

I realize that being spanked by a lexan paddle hurts. I do have a high pain tolerance, so I want to find out how long or hard I can take being spanked with one. It's more of an intriguing experiment on my part and seeing whether I'd like the experience.

My guy also got me a pair of fuzzy slippers from Amsterdam. They aren't meant for spanking me. I haven't be spanked with a slipper for a while. Perhaps it is worth buying a pair of slippers and have one of them used on me.

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