Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey, a (Skype) connection!

Mondays are typically blah for me. After an enjoyable weekend, it takes me longer to get back into the groove and do work. This Monday was no exception -- or so I thought.

My guy's last e-mail indicated that the hotel room that the clients had booked for him was in horrible condition. My guy didn't even unpack his belongings. Instead, he connected his laptop to the Internet, did a bit of research, and checked in to a different hotel room. This client wasn't willing to pay for a liveable room for him, opting to try and reduce its costs. My guy would have none of that nonsense.

Anyway, my guy logged on to Skype. I couldn't believe that we were online. He knows me too well and knew that I would be in disbelief.

I was planning to head over to the office this afternoon. However, with our manager being away for a couple of weeks and my not hearing my guy's voice in over a week, I opted to stay at home and chat with him. It was so good to hear his voice again.

I heard my guy vent about how cheap this client was and how crappy the hotel room was. I don't understand the mentality that some folks have. The savings was not huge at all.

We talked about my ongoing issue with the rubbery smell that continues to stink up a room that my dildo is in. My guy felt bad that his gift to me smells bad and that the smell continues to linger. He calls my project a de-smellification one. A blog posting that I had found indicates that this smell will never go away. It's sad because it's a realistic dong and it's a gift from my guy from Amsterdam. My hands smell like rubber after holding it.

It's still my time of the month, so we focused on getting my guy to ejaculate today. It worked when he visualized my freshly manicured fingers wrapped around his hard cock as I jerked him off. He was so dopey afterwards. It was nice to be a part of helping him get there.

We talked about a number of things that we'd like to try together, once he is back in town next week:
  • We'd both like him to ejaculate on my bare breasts, legs, or tummy. I always feel satisfied whenever my guy does and I find it sexy. My guy thinks that I'd feel more slutty if he did so on me.
  • We have been building up to having anal sex. The last time we were together, my guy inserted two fingers up my butt. He thought that he may have hurt me, but I was okay. We'll need to be in a room for that to happen. Our treehouse will be a bit restrictive.
  • My sucking his cock when it is limp intrigues us. Gradually, while sucking him, he would get hard. We both loved a video that we had watched where this scenario occurred. The woman was dressed in a French maid costume and dusted around his genitals. I bought a feather duster and would like to try this entire scenario out.
  • I want to receive a spanking with a ping pong paddle. We don't own a ping pong paddle, but getting one wouldn't be a problem. I have been paddled before, but I am sure that the sensation is different with such a paddle.
  • I still want to be spanked with a lexan paddle. I just need to get one.
Tomorrow, my guy is checking into a hotel closer to the client's site. He had been promised that this hotel has a four-star rating. Hopefully, the Internet connection will be equally as great at this location as the connection that we had today.

It was so nice to talk to him again. Hearing his voice was priceless. I get to see him for two weeks before he goes back on the road. We are both looking forward to that time together.

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