Monday, May 20, 2013

Date night is here

It's confirmed. My guy and I have a dinner date tomorrow night, after his workday is over. It sounds odd that he is one of the few folks from our office who is working on holiday Monday.

I am glad that I had suggested going out for dinner for these reasons:
  • We both can't wait to see each other
  • It's the least that I can do to try and make his Monday seem better
  • I need to make sure that he's not too jet-lagged, so that he can drive himself home
  • We need some quality time
I am not sure whether I have mentioned the following tidbit of information in the past. Our workplace is equidistant from where we both live. It is roughly an hour for both of us to commute to work. So, the handful of times where he has driven over to my place is quite the journey. Instead, we often have our date nights close to work, including quality time in the backseat. I do like this photo, which would be us if we were in a limousine.

It sounds weird. There are moments where I wish that we would just move in together and live close to work. However, things have worked out well so far. We are not in any rush to make changes, especially since my guy is on the road a lot these days.

My guy teases me about my love for shopping at GAP. Well, I went there often last year when I had lost sixty pounds and needed a brand new wardrobe.  My guy told me that he'd never shop there.

Never say never. He told me today that he bought some socks from the store. I was shocked. I thought that this long weekend may be our last one. An apocalypse must be around the corner. He laughed.

We can't wait to see each other. I suppose that I should enjoy being able to sit comfortably until tomorrow night!

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