Thursday, May 30, 2013

A sick, sweet message

My guy tends to get sick after returning from India these days. Perhaps it's the stale air being circulated on the plane, which had cold germs that he managed to catch. Last week, he basically went to work for two days and stayed home sick for three.

We seem to grow closer when we are apart. It sounds illogical and ridiculous. Maybe we're just growing closer as the days go by. While he was recovering, we continued to send e-mails to each other.

I could tell that he was missing me on the weekend. He wrote the sweetest message that I have received from him to date. I won't post the entire message here, but he tends to not an expressive guy from a writing standpoint. However, he is slowly warming up to it.

Highlights from his e-mail include these fine points:
  • He called me his "hot girl (in more than one way)." He has told me that I am hot, but it has been when he was first trying to get me to notice him and when we have quality time.
  • He expressed sadness that he won't be travelling to Hong Kong, as our company has now established a branch there. He was okay with it, though. He said, "I'm glad I have my own sexy Asian girl at home!" 
  • He ended his message with the closing salutation, "Guy who is looking forward to seeing beautiful you on Monday!"
Although these points may not seem ground-breaking to most, they are to me.  He used to be a guy who would end his e-mail messages with a simple cheers. As of late, when we are being intimate, he will say that he loves me repeatedly, as if it were a mantra to calm him down, which he never used to do.

I like when he playfully threatens to spank me, either hearing him say that to me or reading it in a message. He didn't do that in this message, but when he does, I get aroused instantly.

More about what had transpired on Monday in my next post!

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