Sunday, May 19, 2013

Homecoming, spanking, and nuzzling

My guy is finally back home from his business trip. He wrote to me between his second and last flight segments yeterday.

Although he had been travelling for 24 hours before writing to me and was likely tired, he still managed to write a thoughtful, lengthy e-mail. He was his usual sweet self.

We were talking about Netflix. My guy had suggested that I give the service a try months ago. I seemed like the last person anywhere who had yet to try it out. I did. We discussed about the movies and documentaries that I have been watching as of late, and the shows that my guy recommends that I watch.

We talked about Drop Dead Diva. I told him that it would be a safe bet to say that I am like Teri, the assistant to the main character, Jane, who is a lawyer who has "inherited" someone else's heart and soul. Teri is played by Margaret Cho. She had bangs like I do. I just look like a supersized Asian in comparison, as far as height and size go.

One of my favourite sentences from my guy's e-mail was the following:
You know I have something for cute Chinese girls with well-groomed nails, a cute smile, and great legs (among other qualities). 
Yes, I do know. He's good at reinforcing what he loves about me. It's also his way of saying that he misses me. The feeling is mutual.

It seems like ages since we have been together. My guy has to work on Monday, which is Victoria Day in Canada and a statutory holiday. Hopefully, he isn't too jet-lagged, but I asked him whether he'd be up for dinner and conversation after work that day. Right now, he is fast asleep, which is good. If he were still in India, he'd be wide awake.

It just dawned on me that it has been two weeks since I received a lopsided spanking from my guy. I crave a regular spanking. By regular, I mean over his knee, spanked hard on both cheeks with either his hand or a paddle, and with my bare bottom exposed.

As for my guy, he misses caressing my backside. He also has been thinking about my nuzzling his hard cock. I have been doing the same, too.

The e-mails continue to strengthen our friendship and our relationship. However, being apart makes us long to be physically together. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but this absence can be emotionally painful.

Anyway, I am glad that this pain will be going away soon and a sore backside will replace this pain with another type.

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