Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The date - Part 2

My guy had purchased a set of four tires with rims before he left for India. The four tires occupied the back of his car for quite some time. Today, they were gone.

Being the true gentleman that he is, he had brought a beach towel from home. He covered the backseat with it. He then had to recall who got into the treehouse first. Yes, it has been that long. I had to remember how I used to get in there wearing a short skirt.

Once we were seated comfortably, we held hands. He looked down at mine and admired the nail polish that I had applied the day before. He liked what he was seeing.

He couldn't help but to touch my bare leg. He rubbed my left leg up and down for a bit.  He immediately unbuttoned my shirt and told me that he loved my black bra underneath.

We kissed, as we normally do. We French kissed. I probably rushed things a bit. I was already tracing his lips with my tongue, which we both love. He told me that it was driving him mad.

He wanted to rub his bare legs against mine. His trousers and briefs came down. Our legs were intertwined as we kissed.

My guy moved his hand up my thigh. His fingers were between my legs. He proceeded to finger me, admiring my lacy black panties that I was wearing. I reached orgasm moments later. It was intense, likely because it has been a while since we were together.

His cock was hard, to the point where it was pointing at me, almost telling me to provide some sort of relief. I wrapped my hand around it and gave my guy a handjob. We kissed as I did so. He came up for air and told me that he loved me. I told him that I loved him, too.

He asked that he come on my leg. I told him to. He did. My leg was covered with his semen. It made us both content. We were both dopey.

We cleaned up and then hugged for several minutes. Eventually, he woke up and wanted to finger my butt. He had this mischievous smile on his face. My guy is boyish that way. I told him that I needed a moment.

We continued to rest in each other's arms. My guy's right hand rested on my backside. It doesn't take much for me to get wet when he does that. He lightly patted my buttocks. The smacks became harder. I was getting so turned on that I went over his lap automatically. I have craved to be spanked for what seemed to be ages. It was finally happening.

With a sore backside, my guy fingered by butt. I came yet again moments later. I couldn't stop smiling, although I was extremely dopey. He kissed me sweetly on my forehead. I snuggled up more to his chest.

Welcome back.

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