Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The wait is over, but it kind of felt like a dream for a bit

I didn't log on to Skype all weekend. I should have on Sunday. My guy was online at 08:00. He had sent me a message, wishing me a good day and saying that he could not wait to see me on Monday.

My guy is back in town for a week. It's busy at work, as we continue to have clients. My guy is in a week-long training course.

I got to work and saw a huge bag under my desk. It was one bag with multiple bags stuffed inside. I spent a good ten minutes looking at all the goodies. He got me the following:
  • A retractable purple USB cable to sync and charge all my iPod and iPad devices, except for my iPhone (he calls me a cute geek)
  • A rubber dong (it feels pretty lifelike, but does not compare to touching my guy's warm cock)
  • A vase made out of a gourd, with an etched picture of a horse on it (it's sitting on my bookshelf)
  • Wafers (they are a bit sweet, but are yummy and are popular in the Netherlands)
  • A pair of blue slippers with windmills from Holland (I don't really wear slippers, but they remind me of my guy and I wonder if they'd be good to use on my backside)
I wasn't expecting so many gifts from him. I gave him a brown shirt that he has been dying to have. For some reason, they don't seem to make brown shirts for guys, unless you work for UPS or you hand-dye your own shirts. He told me that he liked it a lot. I hope to see him in the shirt soon.

Anyway, he came up from his break. I was reviewing the junior writer's work and was providing some feedback. My guy and I chatted for a bit. It was nice to see him again.

A few hours later, he came back upstairs. He wanted to dine at our regular Chinese restaurant. He also wanted to have treehouse time. He simply wanted to spend time with me.

We left work just past 18:00 and headed to our cars. My guy said that we needed to have treehouse time in my car, for he had bought four tires for his car, which were sitting in our regular treehouse. I was fine with the venue change.

At the restaurant, we talked. My guy kept looking at me and said that I get more attractive the more we are apart. He's sweet and smooth.

Dinner was yummy We had mo po tofu fu and sesame chicken. I tend not to eat rice as much these days so that I don't fall asleep!

My guy noticed my black bra strap peeking out of my sweater as we sat across from each other at the table. He was turned on. We held hands for a while. He looked at my hair and noticed how I had one side of my hair tucked behind my ear, while the other side had my hair frame my face. He thought that I looked cute. 

After dinner, he walked me to my car and grabbed my buttocks. I was melting there. I eventually got into my car. He leaned over and kissed me. The first kiss was long overdue. The second one was equally as sweet.

So, we drove over to our regular spot in the parking lot and got into the backseat of my car. It was the second time that we have had treehouse time in my car. It's not a bad place, actually. My guy doesn't like it when my car is running, though. My Prius freaks him out when the engine runs and then stops.

He held my hand. It has been ages since we have done that in any treehouse. I asked him if I could hug him. Without waiting for his answer, I hugged him. I felt safe in his arms. He let out a comforting noise, indicating that he loved being hugged.

I was wearing my purple sweater with a zipper down my left shoulder. He unzipped it and started to kiss my neck and shoulder. I love when he showers me with kisses.

We were kissing again. He went to grope my breasts. He was truly enjoying the experience so much. He took my breasts out of my bra and massaged them. He then went to suck on my nipples. It was wonderful.

My guy unzipped my pants and played with my crotch. Soon, he was fingering my clit. I was so excited. Moments later, I came, resting limp in his arms, with my head leaning against his chest.
"I have missed these moments," he told me.
"Me, too. You have the best chest to lean on. It doesn't feel real, though." I replied.
"Because I have been away?" he asked me.
"Yes," I said. He hugged me tightly.
"Just relax," he reassured me.
Well, the relaxation lasted briefly. He started playing with my buttocks by groping them. He then went ahead and fingered both my clit and butt.
"Do you feel slutty?" he asked me.
"I'm in the backseat with a cute guy who is fingering me in two areas. Yes, I am your slut."
His fingers felt so good. I came again, resting limp over his lap. He had a nice pair of navy blue, pinstriped slacks on. They felt so soft to the touch. My guy was touching my bare skin. I got a bit ticklish when he was caressing my left side.
"My being ticklish does ruin the moment sometimes," I admitted, hugging him tighter.
"No, it's doesn't. You're a giggly girl. You're cute that way."
My forearm was over his penis, which was hard under his slacks. He wanted me to play with his balls. I did that with my left hand. My right cheek started to nuzzle his hard cock. It drove him wild. I love nuzzling him. My guy asked me to nibble on him. I did and he was in heaven.

Soon, his slacks and underpants came down. I was giving my guy a blowjob. I still had a peach candy in my mouth from the restaurant, which enhanced my sucking him. He was in ecstasy. However,  he wanted me to also give him a handjob, too. So, we kissed as I gave him a handjob. Minutes later, he came all over my hand and on my sweater. There was quite the semen puddle on my sweater's left breast. My guy apologized. I was okay with it to the point where I wanted to take a picture of it. My guy went one step further and took pictures of me with the semen stain. Yes, we're weird, but this was the closest to my guy ejaculating on my breast.

We sat in my car, all dopey. It was raining outside. We both ended up singing that we were dopey in the rain. It was funny then. You had to be there.

We have grown so close these days. My guy said something to me during quality time that he doesn't normally say to me. He told me that he loved me. Sure, we are affectionate as often as we can. I think that when we are lovemaking that it's a given. It's simply understood. But, seeing that we have been apart for weeks, he just said it. He had the need to say it. It meant a lot.

I love when my guy kisses my hand. His lips are sweet and tender. So is the gesture itself.

My guy's eyeglasses had fallen between the driver's seat and the storage area. I managed to eventually fish them out. It helped that both my car doors were open, to help defog my car's windows.

We kissed and embraced one final time that evening before we headed home. He blew me kisses before he drove away.

It's nice to have him back, albeit for a week. He told me that we'd be having treehouse time all week to make up for his absence. I will be busy for a bit, but it's for a good cause.

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