Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Spanking and sex

My guy and I walked towards the king-sized bed. I went to bend over the bed, with my guy giving me a light smack with his hand across my left buttock.

He caressed both buttocks. I had a short blue pair of shorts on, with white little flowers. He gave each cheek a smack.

He proceeded to pull down my shorts and lavender-coloured panties. I got excited immediately.
"I must have been bad if you're going to smack my bare butt," I remarked.
"Yes, you've been a very bad girl," he replied.
He meticulously smacked each buttock in succession. They were firm smacks.
"You know that hurts," I said to him.
"Good," he replied, continuing to spank me.
After a while, he stopped.
"Did you bring the paddle?" he asked.
"Yes, it's in the bag over there," I replied, pointing to the desk.
He went to get the sturdy wooden paddle that he had given me for Christmas. Instead of spanking me across both buttocks like he normally does with it, he alternated paddling each side. It hurt, but I like it better when he paddles each buttock. The smacks are evenly distributed.
"That hurts!" I exclaimed.
"I know. You deserve it," he insisted.
"You're mean!" I said.
"That's my job," he replied.
My guy was turned on looking at the view that he had. He paused to get his phone, to take photos of my rosy butt and my being stretched out on the bed.
"Did you bring lube and condoms?" he asked.
"I have come prepared. Both are in my luggage," I said, face down.
He went over to my luggage and found everything. He is always pleased at how prepared I am. I had got up to see if he needed any help, but he was fine.

His cock was hard. He stood there and his erect penis was perpendicular to the floor. It was impressive.

I got back on the bed. He took me from behind. I love when his body is pressed up against mine.

At one point, he told me to look at the wall mirror. It was conveniently placed such that I saw him on top of me. I liked what I was looking at. It was loving, intimate, and sexy. Eventually, we both came.

We cleaned up a bit before we stretched out on the bed, cuddled up to each other. It was a good Saturday.


  1. oh i always feel awkward looking in the mirror! well done, it sounds like a wonderful way to spend a saturday!

    1. I typically feel the same way, Fondles! However, I was on my front, looking to my right, with my guy on top of me. I looked pretty good, as there was just a bit of me there. =)

  2. What a sexy, intimate encounter. Can imagine the sound of the paddle on your butt, and how it must have radiated and tingled afterward when you cuddled on the bed. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was a wonderful, special time with my guy. We both had a great time. =)