Monday, January 29, 2018

A knock, kisses, hugging, and groping

The anticipation of hearing my guy knock on the hotel room door. Fifteen minutes later, it happened.

I opened the door. It was enough for me to pop my head out.
"Hey, I recognize that face," I said.
"Hey, there!" he replied with a huge smile on his face.
He came in. I waited for the door to close. For some reason, it took its time.

We hugged. My guy was wearing his black wool coat. I was wearing a fuchsia cold shoulder tunic shirt, and a pair of navy shorts with small white flowers. My shorts were indeed short.

The hug lasted for a while. It felt so good. My guy reached down and groped my butt. At one point, he hiked up my shorts to grope my bare cheeks. I loved it. I was excited.

We kissed. We continued to hug some more as we walked over to the loveseat.

My guy took his coat off. We hugged some more. I could feel his erection pressed up against me.

We sat on the loveseat. We chatted a bit before hugging and kissing some more.

His kisses make me melt. I am sure that we could have kissed for hours. Instead, he moved his lips down my shoulders and neck. I love when he kisses me all over.

He got up. He took off his jeans and boxer briefs. We kissed a bit more.

Both my legs went over his. He caressed my bare legs. He took my shirt off, revealing my lacy black bra, which made him even more excited.

He played with my breasts. I caressed his sexy uniform head and chest. I held his erect penis and played it with. We kissed some more.
"Let's move over to the bed. I need to spank you," he whispered in my ear.
"No, I'm your good girl," I said to him.
"You are never good," he insisted.
We kissed and hugged some more. We both missed each other so much.


  1. If youre a good girl then get a good girl spanking! I always do :)
    Good to hear u're having fun!

    1. Haha! I have tried saying that I need a good girl spanking, but he always insists that I am bad. It was a fun weekend. =)

    2. Hahahahah! and you'd better not argue with that!

    3. The funny thing is that I do, which ensures that I get a decent spanking. =)