Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Long lost photos have been delivered!

My guy and I travelled to Seattle nearly a couple of years ago. He was there on business and I made it a vacation.

On our last day there, we had breakfast at our hotel before we headed off to the airport. I had forgotten to bring my phone down to the restaurant. Instead, I took photos using my guy's phone of what I was eating. I have been taking food photos for years, mainly to remember what great food I have had.

He ended up saving all his photos to his hard drive, which I refer to as the abyss or black hole. I felt like I would never see these photos again.

He surprised me an e-mail tonight:
Hey Cutiebootie,
Hope all is good on your end. Could you please check the attached pics and see if they are the ones that you wanted?
Miracles do happen! I also like the mention of end. Yes, he's hinting at my backside.


  1. haha whenever i pass BIKSS a thumbdrive i'm never too sure if i'm ever going to see it again. his backpack is the abyss in our world. once anything goes in there it's anyone's guess if it'll ever see light of day again.

    glad you got your fotos!

    1. I can so relate! I try not to carry a huge purse, or it's my personal abyss. =)