Monday, January 08, 2018

Cuddling, paddling, and more cuddling

My guy and I cuddled on the bed. I love being in his arms. It's a mutual feeling.

He had already taken off his sweater and pants. He was in a t-shirt and boxers. I was wearing a cold-shoulder shirt and shorts.

We kissed and hugged. It was nice. It felt like we were miles away from everything.

He played with my breasts. I could feel how hard my nipples were getting.

I ran my left hand across his bare right thigh. I ended up groping his right buttock, which turned me on. He liked it, too.

He found my left buttock and started to spank it.
"It's time for your punishment," he said, continuing to smack my buttock with his bare hand.
"No, I'm a good girl," I protested, which didn't help.
"You're my bad girl. I need to spank you," he insisted.
He smacked my backside a few times. I rolled over to my stomach, stretched out in the middle of the bed. He continued spanking each buttock with his hand.

Eventually, he pulled down my panties and shorts. He used two of the three implements. He first used the leather paddle. I have missed him using it for a while. That familiar sound across my butt brought back memories of this paddle being used on me. I liked how my butt was starting to sting.

He then switched to the large wooden paddle, which he had gifted me the week before. It packs quite the smack.
"It hurts so much," I said to him several smacks later.
"I know,"he said, occasionally rubbing my butt before continuing with my paddling.
Eventually, he stopped. He liked how pink my butt was that he took photos using his phone. Normally, he grabs my phone, so that was a first.

He kissed my butt, which I always love. He ended up taking me from behind. We both came, which was both exciting and highly pleasurable.

I love when his body is pressed up against mine like that. We felt like one, as we moved as one.

My guy went to clean up before coming back to stretch out next to me.
"Thanks, sweetie. That was amazing," I said to him, giving him a kiss.
"You're amazing. Thank you," he said, kissing my forehead.
We cuddled some more.