Thursday, January 04, 2018

Staycation and anticipated spanking

I'm all packed for my mini staycation. I always feel like I am missing something. Luckily, if I am, it's usually something that I can pick up along the way.

I love my chats with my guy these days.
"We need adult emojis on Skype," my guy remarked.
"I agree. We need a spanking one," I replied.
"You need a spanking," he chimed in.
"But, I'm good!" I insisted.
"No, you're a bad girl. Why do you think that I spank you so often?" he asked me rhetorically.
"You're Mr. Meanie," I stated.
"Yup, that's my job," he replied.
"The paddle that you gifted me is effective! I was sore for days," I admitted.
"That makes me very happy," he noted.
I'll be sore again soon. We are both looking forward to it.


  1. If you want to try Telegram - there's a sticker set that's called rude emojis and BIKSS and I are having a grand old time playing with all the naughty stickers there!

    1. Ooh! Thanks for the suggestion, Fondles. I will check it out and see whether my guy wants to take part in this app. It sounds promising!