Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Which spanking implement do you like the best?

When my guy and I cuddle, we tend to have the best conversations. We were cuddled up in bed when we had this one.
"So, which implement did you like using on me the best?" I asked him.
"I like the large wooden paddle," he replied.
"How come?" I asked him.
"It spanks both your buttocks simultaneously, which is optimal," he said.
He's so nerdy that it's sweet. He is all for optimization and exerting as little energy as possible.

Naturally, I teased him.
"You are never going into marketing. I love who you are, nonetheless" I told him.
"I'm glad. I love your cute butt," he admitted.
He mushy, too.


  1. being efficient is totally the in thing! and why not two cheeks for the price of one swing? it makes complete sense!

    1. True! You two would probably get along swell. =)

  2. I’m very traditional and I purchased a nice large hairbrush. My wife has a nice large bubble type bottom and the hairbrush bounces, reddens it nicely and I so like her movement. It is afterwards, she rewards me.

    1. I like being spanked with a wooden hairbrush. My guy doesn't like holding it as much. He does like any implement with a sturdy handle, which this hairbrush of mine doesn't have.

      Thanks for sharing your preference. Glad you both are rewarded. =)

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