Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mushy mode - missing me

My guy is in mushy mode these days. He sent me a sweet e-mail, which I got just before I went to bed last night.

I like how far he has come along since we first met. These days, he is perfectly comfortable telling me that he misses me.
Just wanted to let you know that I'm missing you. Hope I can see you soon.
I like when he emotes and is mushy.


  1. Oh it's something they have to learn, cos BIKSS was also not the sort to articulate his emotions. But he does now. Which is so sweet :)

    I'm glad your guy has figured out that it's a safe space with you that he can share his mushiness.

    1. It must be an innate guy thing. So glad that BIKSS is in the same boat as my guy when it comes to expressing himself. =)