Thursday, January 18, 2018

Allergic reactions, leather, and silicone

It has been an interesting week as far as odd allergic reactions go. I typically don't have any. This week, I had two.

On Monday, my left eye was itchy. It then decided to go into discharge mode. My contact lens hadn't torn, and I didn't have an eyelash caught between it and my eyeball.

It was snowing on my way home. I remembered that I had a small bottle of lubricating drops in my purse. Traffic was stop and go. When my car was at a full stop at a red light, I got some relief putting some drops in both eyes.

I got home and took my contacts out. My left eye had more of the itchy discharge than my right. The latter was starting. I had discharge all evening. Oh, fun! I did some research and it was an allergic reaction. What I was doing, which was putting moisturizing drops in my eyes, was the best solution.

Right now, I have a slight rash on my wrist. I have been using a stainless steel band on my Fitbit Alta. I have a feeling that I am allergic to it.

I changed my band to the replacement silicone one that Fitbit replaced. My original one broke and it was under warranty. We'll see if my rash will go away. 

I suppose that I am simply either a leather or silicone strap person. It seems to be the case for watches, Fitbit devices, and perhaps spanking implements.


  1. Oh i do hope your eyes are somewhat better by now... and TOO FUNNY on the leather or silicone conclusion - I think it would apply to spanking implements too!

    1. My eyes are back to normal, which is a relief!