Monday, January 15, 2018

Good friends and calligraphy

On Saturday, I spent the day with a dear friend. It was good to catch up, shop, eat, and exchange Christmas presents.

We normally get together before Christmas. It didn't happen last year, so we did it yesterday instead. She got me a calligraphy set, which was wonderful, along with an R2-D2 Christmas ornament. I love them. She is an extremely thoughtful person.

I told her the story of our grade 8 art teacher asking my class who knew how to do calligraphy. A handful of my pears said my name. I was elected to print the names of each student graduating from grade 8. I did it with my good friend at the time. We had eight graduating classes to do, so we both took on four classes each of student names.

I wrote my own name on my graduation certificate. Perhaps I shouldn't have. Part of me felt that it didn't feel official doing so. I knew that it was, though.

My friend was impressed. I don't recall doing her certificate. We first met in grade 7, so I would have remembered such an important detail.

Even though we have been friends for ages, we still learn from each other. It's never a dull friendship. It's one that I truly appreciate and she does, too.


  1. Its awesome that u did the writing of the certs. And of course its official even if u wrote your own name. But i know how u feel! Lol

    1. Glad you understand, Fondles. It's odd, as if I were forging my own graduation... haha!