Saturday, January 13, 2018

Boots, orgasms, and ejaculation in a cozy hotel room

I recently stayed at a hotel in my guy's town for a couple of nights. On the second night, he texted me to ask whether I was back at the hotel. I was.

Roughly fifteen minutes later, he came over. We both agreed that it was nice to be in the same town.

He knocked on the door. I opened it.
"I'm breaking in my new shoes," I said.
"Wow, they're nice," he said, looking down at them.
"They are high-top moccasins. I got them for $18 and they are leather," I said happily.
"That's great!" he said, sharing my savings high with me.
We embraced. I love a good hug from him. I had my cold-shoulder tunic top. This time, I didn't wear anything underneath. Instead, it looked like a super-short dress on me. He approved. He also love how thin and smooth the fabric of my top felt.

We eventually moved over to the loveseat.
"Did you want another spanking?" he asked me.
"My butt is still sore from the one you gave me yesterday," I admitted.
"Good. It just proves that you're a bad girl. I won't spank you today," he noted.
Instead, we cuddled and kissed for a bit. He then played with me, moving his hand under my black lacy panties, and fingering both my wet pussy and butthole. Moments later, I came.

He let me rest for a bit. I kissed him. He loved that. We then repeated the cycle.

He went to clean up and returned, sitting next to me. I caressed his member in his pants. It kept on getting so large that my guy had to let it out for me to continue playing with it. Sure enough, my guy ejaculated all over my hand.

It was my turn to clean up.

I love evenings like this one, especially when there is a deep freeze happening outside. It's warm and cozy being with someone special.