Monday, June 15, 2015

O is for wanting to be over my guy's knee

My guy is hunting for a new car. New to him is a used car, which is great.

As for me, I prefer getting a new car, simply because it eases my mind. I don't have to dig into the car's past to see how many accidents it has had, or why something doesn't sound or feel right a few months after I drive the used car.

He wants to go back to a manual car. He finds it far more interesting to drive. I do not know how to drive a manual car. I have asked my guy to teach me. He is will to, as long as it isn't his car.

My guy and I had this discussion:
"I missed out on an excellent manual v6 car," my guy explained. "I was so sad."
"No need to be sad," I responded. "You'll find a car that you'll call your own. Sure, I will need to wait a bit longer before I drive it, but you'll find one. You always do."
My guy refuses to let me drive his next car if it is a manual. I understand. He doesn't want anything to happen to the transmission if I cause it to stall. He would rather teach me how to drive a manual if the car is a rental.

My teasing remark didn't go too well.
"Sure, I'll let you drive my manual car. Once I am done teaching you how to drive it, I will put you over my knee and spank you for driving my car that you know you are not allowed to drive."
"If I take it out on my own to drive, would you spank me?"
"For sure. You won't be able to sit for days."
It was the best answer this girl wanted to hear for a while.


  1. Hey CB...I just had to break down and buy an new car after having my last one for 16 years. :( I'm with you...would rather have a new give me more peace of mind and security. I'm also not buying someone else's headaches..

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Oh, wow. Congrats on your new car. What did you get?

      I had my Grand Am for over ten years before it fell apart. I love my Prius.

    2. Decided to go with an SUV (a small one) this's a Toyota RAV4. The car that laid down on me was a '99 Monte Carlo that I purchased new...she and I took very good care of each other before she had her nervous this is a learning curve. ;)

      Hugs and blessings...Cat

    3. Congrats! I love the RAV4. It's sporty, fun, and practical. It's nice that we both drive Toyota vehicles!

      My Grand Am was also a 1999. I purchased it new, too!