Thursday, June 18, 2015

R is for red - nail polish, lipstick, cars, and my backside

I was excited when I was old enough to rent a car in my early twenties. I was minted graduate, fresh out of university. I had my first full-time job. I also had my first credit card, to actually charge the car rental on it.

The first three cars that I had rented were all red in colour. The car models were completely different. Did I get red cars because I was young or was it by coincidence?

I am not a flashy person. I don't own very many articles of clothing that are red. I can only think of a pair of mittens that I bought this past winter.

I do like wearing red lipstick and nail polish. My guy loves practically any colour of nail polish on my nails, but he gets exceptionally excited when I wear red.
"Did you buy any new nail polish colours recently?" he asked me.
"I have, but I am trying to cut down," I admitted.
"I know that you have a good collection," he agreed.
"I did get a new bottle of red nail polish. You'd approve. It was on sale and in red," I proudly stated.
"Perfect! Is it Ferrari red?" he asked me.
"It's pretty close."
"I definitely approve."
I suppose that I will have Ferrari red nails soon. I get to see him all next week.

As for the colour of my bottom after my guy has spanked me, it is nowhere near that shade of red. He does a pretty good job at making it glow and smart, though. It's the colour of warmth, love, and happiness.


  1. Hey is one of my favorite colors fact my new car I bought today is candy apple metallic red. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Nice! Hope you're enjoying your new car, Cat.

      I decided to paint my nails red. I like them. It's a nice change. My guy has commented on the colour a ton this week!