Sunday, June 21, 2015

U is for uniform - clothes and head

I have a feeling that this post will be a bit different.


I never had to wear a school uniform when I went to school. In high school, when I finally made it to the concert band (I have always enjoyed music), I had to wear a band uniform. It consisted of a tartan kilt that had red, black, and white, a white shirt, a red blazer, black socks and tie, and a hat that was black. Otherwise, I didn't have a dress code at school. I simply had to wear respectable clothing.

At work, most of the places that I have worked for expect business casual attire. My first job required business attire, except for Fridays.

As for role-playing, I tend to be the naughty girl in whatever scenario. I don't really have uniforms either, but I do like wearing either a short skirt or a short pair of shorts. It makes me feel like the bad girl that I am and my guy has easy access to me and my backside. As for tops, my guy likes shirts with buttons and a black bra underneath. What I wear, and eventually do not have on, turns my guy on a ton.

My guy used to shave his head for years, simply because he didn't like that he was starting to grey and was developing a small bald patch. However, since he decided to grow back his hair, I have convinced him that he looks much younger with a head of hair and that he doesn't have as much grey as he thinks.

Getting back on point, my guy has a uniform head. It is perfect. I find it sexy and attractive. I love caressing it, even with his hair. He loves that I do.


  1. LOL CB...ya got me...was definitely not expecting you to complete a uniform post discussing your guy's head. Very cute.;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! My guy does have a uniform head. It's sweet. I commented about it to my guy today over lunch. =)