Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Q is quantity versus quality when it comes to the number of smacks during a spanking

This challenge becomes more difficult as I go. Queen was the first word that came to mind, but I couldn't think of anything inspiring to write about that topic. Her wave? Um, not today.

I like a long spanking. My definition of long is five to seven minutes. Anything more, and either I won't have a butt or my guy's hand will need to be iced down.

Because I like long spankings, the number of smacks that I receive naturally increases. I don't normally go for a specific number, but I like when I am told that I am getting a specific number of smacks. It turns me on.

I am probably more interested in the quality of the spankings that I receive. My guy spanks me well. He will alternate between lighter and harder slaps with his hand. He will do the same with whatever implement he is using on me. He makes sure that each buttock gets what it deserves. He will tease and play with me while I am being spanked, which is still fairly new and always exciting for me.

I suppose that how rosy my backside becomes is also a fine indicator of the quantity of smacks and the quality of the spanking that my guy has done. It's also my playful whining about how sore my bottom is after the fact. The more I whine about it, the happier both of us get. It is the ultimate measurement of a decent, quality spanking.


  1. LOL CB...this post totally cracked me up...hope you continue to receive quality spankings in large quantities. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat