Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I is for inclemate weather

I drove to work in quite the downpour. Mondays are generally blah days. Add stormy clouds and what seems to be a ton of rain, and you get the best start to your workweek and commute.

I tend to take a toll highway to get to work during the morning rush hour. Taking the regular highway 401 means wearing out my car's tires due to constant braking, cursing at horrible drivers, and basically crawling along to get to work. Even with the downpour, I managed to go well below the 100 km/h speed limit (80) on the toll highway and still manage to get to work before 09:00.

The rain finally eased by the time I was at the office. Figures!

The other day, I was in my car when my guy called me. We talked. Then, he heard the rain coming down hard against my car's windshield.
"I can really hear the rain," he remarked. "You're safe, right?"
"Yes, I am sitting comfortably in my car," I replied.
When I think of rain and my guy, I think of our trip to Stockholm and getting caught in the rain while on a tour bus. It was fun hearing my guy whine. It felt wonderful holding each other tight and using the umbrella to keep us dry.

Rain is kind of romantic. I don't mean kissing in the rain necessarily. It's not attractive looking and feeling soggy. However, making out in the treehouse or anywhere indoors while the rain gentle falls outside is nice.

Of course, showering together is completely different. It's both playful and sensual. My guy loves to lather me up and play with me. I enjoy doing the same to him, along with kissing him under the shower head.

My guy is sweet. After we're done showering, he likes to wrap me up in a bath towel. Of course, he can also quickly undo the towel, put me over his lap, and spank me hard.

Naturally, more fun ensues after that.


  1. I do enjoy a gentle spring rain...sitting on the porch watching and listening to it. But currently, I am totally fed up with the rain...we've had so much of the past month and have flooding all over our area...the river is out of it's banks...almost over the levy and most of our creeks are way out of their banks.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I hope that the rain eases where you are, Cat. This week, it has been thunderstorming and hailing. It's quite the mixed bag!