Sunday, June 07, 2015

G is for good geeky gadget girl

I seem to be handling this challenge with alliterative blog post titles. It's fun. I don't know why I am doing that, though.

I often refer to myself as geeky gadget girl. As a student, I was a good one. I was geeky, simply because I have always enjoyed learning. I ended up working in the computer or information technology sector.

I love gadgets. My guy often marvels at how quickly I can figure out how to use a gadget. When he first handed me his phone, I showed him how to access his voicemail. He had no idea that he had that feature!

My guy calls me geeky gadget girl, too. He insists on calling me cute geeky gadget girl, though. I like it and we aren't fussy that cute doesn't start with the letter g.

In past e-mail exchanges, my guy ended up calling me 6G, because he used six words starting with the letter g to refer to me. I like shopping at Gap, so I know that we added that to the mix.

As for being a good girl, I tend to say that to my guy when he insists on giving me a spanking. In my playful defence, I state that I do not deserve to be punished because I am a good girl.
"You? A good girl? Never!" he told me a while back.
"Sure, I am. Everyone else says that I am a good girl. You are the only one who objects," I said defiantly.
"See, they just see you as a good girl. I, however, know the truth. You are a bad girl who needs constant discipline."
The banter often continues when I am over his lap or bent over, getting a hard spanking. When he asks whether I have learned my lesson, I will reply that there nothing to learn because I am a good girl. Naturally, I get spanked harder and longer after that remark, which is exactly what this good girl wants.