Thursday, June 04, 2015

D is for dialogue, distance, and dares

My guy and I had a nice chat over Skype this afternoon. We talked about our day. I had to let out some steam about some annoying work issues. My guy is always supportive. I always appreciate that he's there to listen to me.

He talked about how he went to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner the other evening and how much he appreciates the quality of the food at the restaurants that we go to near our workplace.
"So, the food wasn't great at the restaurant you went to?" I asked him.
"It was okay, but it was more expensive than it should have been," he replied.
"Ah, it's Cheap Bastard complaining about how overpriced the food was and wanting to save an extra two bucks," I teased him.
"No, the quantity and quality weren't there," he insisted.
"Cheap Bastard is cheap," I teased him. "Did you whine?"
He laughed. He knows that I like teasing him. It is usually my way of setting up a future spanking. It's even more daring when I tease him while I am over his knee, with my bottom bared. It makes him spank me harder, which is the entire point.

My guy let me know that he got a new iron. He loves to iron. This one is rather fancy. You can actually set the iron down on the board and it won't burn the board's surface. I must check it out one of these days. After all, I am a girl who likes geeky products.

He also told me that he downloaded an app on his phone that counts the number of steps that he takes each day. He advises that the count is pretty accurate. He was more impressed when I had walked over 16,000 steps while we were both in Istanbul one day. I have a Fitbit One tracker, which has been working well for me for over a year now. He told me that he isn't even close to that count when he travels. He's sweet that way.

My guy doesn't come back to the office for a while. However, he may have to attend some course in a couple of weeks.

I asked him whether we could do lunch when he is in the office. Since his depression, he hasn't been inclined to go out for lunch as often as we used to. He knows that I am not at my cheeriness these days, so he didn't hesitate to say yes. In fact, I could tell that he wanted to apologize, but he did it his own way, saying that he wasn't abandoning me.

Things are looking up. I can't complain.


  1. I never read any complaint from you that I can remember. You are not that kind of girl. And that, my girl, is very special. So you must be very special.


    1. That's so sweet of you to say, Han. I try not to complain. Life is too short to be grumpy all the time. =)

  2. Hey might want to keep notes so you can remind your guy of your sassiness next time you are together. ;) Happy to see things are looking up for him.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I do remind my guy now and again of all the times where I have pushed my luck when I tease him. He doesn't really need a reason to spank me, but it's fun when I playfully act up!