Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New writer, new technology challenges, and new success

I survived my first day training with my new colleague. She doesn't have a laptop due to a human resources screw-up. Nothing can be ordered for her until HR decides to create her e-mail address account. Ugh!

HR has known about her arrival for a couple of months. Yep, it can't get its act together.

I am doing something that sort of makes me cringe. I have a loaner laptop for her. My Windows password expires in a couple of days. I am changing it to something generic so that she can log in as me. I will be logged in to my own laptop with the same credentials.

It works. It can be done. It is odd from a security standpoint. I simply hope that she doesn't mess up any of my network settings.

The good news is that she can't access my work e-mail and a bunch of other applications. I don't have anything confidential. I simply get creeped out about folks reading my e-mail.

Yep, it's my manager's idea. We'll see how long this routine lasts.

I'm not sure how I feel about this new writer. She asks questions that are about the products that we ultimately document, but they aren't really geared towards what she will do. When she knows the topic, she'll say so. It's a hint for me to move to the next slide.

I am hoping that she is as good of a writer as she is advertising. Only time will tell.

On a good note, I managed to introduce her to almost everyone on our team, except for two people who were away from the office. That's pretty good for me, considering that I forget about doing that tour in the afternoon when everyone is in a lull on a Monday.


  1. Wow Jz...my Windows password is also my network access and my email password. And our company has a strict rule...no one can log in with any username other than their own or a temp set up for them by IT. I can lose my position for letting anyone use my ID. Think I'd be raising holy h*ll with your HR people. Hope this trainee works out and isn't using this position as foot into the company.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, I'm not crazy about this setup. It is a pain to go through training and not being able to set up anything. It's such a waste of time. When she gets her laptop, we are revisiting what I am showing. Ugh!

      It's difficult to gauge this new writer. I hope that she works out, too!