Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wooden spatula that is perfect as a spanking implement

My guy and I love Winners, which is a department store that offers decent goods at decent prices. Each store is different in that there are different items every week.

The other day, we went to his favourite one in Mississauga. I love this store, too. We tend to find deals and neat items.

I was in the kitchen section. I found the nicest wooden utensil. It was a spatula.

The wood is thick and hearty. More importantly, it works nicely as a spanking implement. It was a good deal for $6.

My guy held it in his hand. He lightly practiced on my backside as we were lining up to pay for the item.
"You have good taste. I like the feel of it," my guy remarked, giving me a light smack across my left buttock.
"It's effective. I am getting turned on," I replied.
"Good. I'll make you wet a bit more until we get back to the room," he said.
We love Winners.


  1. Fun to shop with your guy isn't it, CB. Wow...wish we had a Winners around here...sounds like some good bargains. Oh so did your guy test that spoon more once you were back at the hotel? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's great that my guy loves to shop. It's always fun.

      I suppose that Winners is similar to TJMaxx in the States. Yes, we christened the wooden implement. More on the end result in another post. =)