Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Orgasms, ejaculation, and treehouse fun

My guy and I arrived at the office and parked. He is incredibly boyish at times.
"Could you drive me to the airport?" he asked me, looking at my car's trunk that I had opened.
"Of course," I said, with both of us knowing that we'd spend more time together.
He had three items to transport to my car. One was a box with his training materials. Another was his suitcase. The third was his computer rolling bag.

My car is smaller than his tank of a car. We agreed that we'd use his car as the treehouse and loaded everything in my car's trunk and backseat.

We got into my guy's car. It was a warm day -- summer-like in temperature. I asked if he could open the windows. He did.

We hugged. We kissed. I was wearing shorts. He hugged my bare legs and caressed them.
"You have the sexiest legs that I have ever seen," he commented.
"You're sweet, as usual," I replied.
We snugged up to each other. I caressed his chest over his blue shirt.
"I love your chest," I said.
"I love yours, too," he replied, groping my right breast, which made me laugh.
He played with me. He ran his hands up and down my legs. He eventually found out how wet I was. He fingered me until I came. I loved it, as usual.

I wanted to give him a handjob. He let his hard cock out for me to hold and play with. He likes pleasing me so much that he made me orgasm again while I was trying to make him cum.

Eventually, I did successful make him ejaculate. It helps that I like telling him stories. He came pretty fast.
"I remember when we were in Istanbul and were heading to the train. We were on an escalator. I went to grab your hand and got your balls instead," I said.
"Yes," he confirmed.
"You gave the impression that it was bad for me to do that in public. Secretly, you wanted me to play with you there," I said.
"That's true," he said, getting harder by the minute.
"You like f*cking me. If you wanted to at 2 am, you'd wake me up and say so," I noted.
"I'd love that," he replied.
"I need to sleep next to you naked. That way, when you want to have me, you can instantly," I said.
With that little story, he came all over my hand and thigh. It was great.

We cleaned up. My guy bend over to start the car. I admired his bare butt and groped it.
"Ooh, butt! I love eye candy," I replied.
It was a good day together.


  1. It sounds like fun. I really must learn to tell stories the way you do!

    1. Thanks, Fondles! It has taken a ton of practice to get to this stage. =)

  2. You two are so cute, CB. Ya gotta be careful in some countries though...they can get ya in a lot of trouble for 'inappropriate' behavior in public. ;) Safe travels for you guy...hope he's not gone too long.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yeah, I don't think that we would have treehouse time in a different country. We'd rather get a hotel room when we are abroad. It's definitely safer!

      He's away for two weeks. It's not too bad so far.