Sunday, May 21, 2017

One-word meme

Here is a fun meme that I found on Ronnie's blog:
  1. Where is your phone? Lap
  2. Your hair? Black
  3. Your Dad? Asleep
  4. Your other half? Sweet
  5. Your favourite food? Spaghetti
  6. Your dream last night? Travel
  7. Your favourite drink? Tea
  8. Fear? Heights
  9. Favourite shoes? Converse
  10. Favourite way to relax? Cuddling
  11. Your mood? Calm
  12. I love? Boyfriend
  13. Where were you last night? Shoppers 
  14. Something that you aren't? Rude
  15. Muffins? Carrot
  16. Wish list item? Scooter
  17. Where you grew up? Toronto 
  18. Last thing you did? Write
  19. What are you wearing right now? Pyjamas
  20. Something you hate? Ignorance
  21. Your pets? Fish
  22. Friends? Supportive
  23. Life? Sweet
  24. Regrets? Few
  25. Missing someone? Boyfriend


  1. Good answers, CB but this meme would be painful for me...have too big a mouth. :) Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Haha! Yes, it takes a bit of discipline to answer with a single word for each question. I did it, so I'm sure that you can, too. =)