Tuesday, May 02, 2017

A good girl gets a hard spanking

My guy and I met on Sunday at 16:30 in our usual spot just outside where my guy works. It was the last session that he taught for this course.

He is the first to admit that he is always late. I know that, too. He's not exceptionally late, but it's funny how sleeping and shopping at Costco take precedence before showing up for work. I laughed. He's sweet that way.
"I need to spank you for teasing and laughing at me," he said to me over the phone.
"No. You like when I do," I said.
"Yes, that's true," he admitted.
"You don't need an excuse to spank me. You just do," I replied.
Sure enough, he parked next to my car about ten minutes later. We both got out of our respective cars. He popped his car's trunk and fetched all the almond beverage that he bought for me at our favourite liquidation store. I love how thoughtful he is. I moved them over to my car's trunk before we climbed into his treehouse.

My guy always has cold hands. I am the complete reverse. So, I warmed up his hands. We then cuddled for a bit. He said that he loves me. The feeling is mutual.

He loves kissing my neck and shoulder. I was wearing a pink scoopneck sweater. The back scoopneck dips lower than the front. He loved looking at my lacy black bra under it. He caressed my right breast by popping it out of my bra, which was nice.

We kissed. He has such sweet lips. It's heavenly when our lips meet.
"Are you horny?" he whispered in my left ear.
"Very," I admitted.
He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. He let me know that the temperature was cool earlier in the day and didn't want me to freeze in a short skirt. He liked my black, lacy panties and decided to finger me from behind. It felt good. It put my horniness into overdrive. I came and rested my head on his chest.
"I must be a good girl because you pleasured me," I said, smiling.
"No, you're still going to be spanked," he said firmly.
"I'm a good girl. Just say it," I said.
"You are a good girl," he said, which made me look at him.
"Hey, I'm a good girl!" I replied.
"You are anything you want. You're special," he said sweetly.
We kissed some more. Eventually, I was led over his lap. He loved the black lacy panties that I was sporting. He pulled them down, which got me even more excited.

He spanked me with his hand. Each smack felt harder than the previous one. I loved each smack that he delivered. I whined that it hurt, which made me spank me even more. It was great.

Eventually, he fingered me and wanted me to beg him to make me orgasm. It was so hot. I did. It was intense and great. I rested over his lap for a bit.

My guy pulled up my panties. He liked how pink my buttocks were underneath my lacy panties. He caressed my backside before he pulled my jeans up, being the gentleman that he is.

We cuddled. I thanked him for making me feel special and good. He kissed me several times on my forehead and he continued to hold me.


  1. Love the contrast of the lacy black panties and your pink, simmering bottom. And how wanton you were, in the most sexy and exciting way. What an intense, lustful and satisfying encounter. Now I'm horny!

    1. You sound just like my guy! It was a wonderful time with him. =)

  2. Sounds as if you two had a lovely time, CB. Do you ever worry about getting caught in the treehouse?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! I don't worry about getting caught anymore. At first, I did. We choose private places and I always feel safe with him that it's not on my worry list anymore.