Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Sometime last month, after my guy and I had some quality time in our treehouse, we heard birds chirping nearby. We were both in a happy, lethargic state, which led to this conversation.
"The birds are calling your name. They are saying, 'Cheap, cheap, cheap!'," I noted.
"I'm Cheap Bastard," my guy said affectionately.
On Sunday morning, just after 03:00, I woke up to what seemed to be chatter. I then realized that there were birds chirping in the nest in front of my bedroom.

I told my guy about the birds.
"I don't get why the birds are chirping at that time of day. It's not like they have a sale to go to and are letting you know that deals are cheap, cheap, cheap," I said.
"Are you telling me that I'm cheap?" he asked, with a teasing tone to his voice.
"I call you Cheap Bastard, but you know that you aren't cheap. You like good deals and saving money. You're frugal," I replied.
"I know. I can't find birds that chirp frugal, frugal, frugal," he replied, which made me laugh.
"Well, if you got a parrot, you could teach your pet to say that," I pointed out, which made him chuckle.
We chatted for an hour on Monday afternoon, which was Victoria Day in Canada. It's always nice to chat with him while he is abroad.

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