Monday, May 22, 2017

Cars, packing, plan changes, and travel

I wrote to my guy the other day, indicating that his car is safe in the parking lot at work. I sent him a photo of my car parked next to his. He liked that a lot.

On Sunday, we chatted on Skype before he had to turn in for the night.
"Your car keeps telling me that I need to drive it," I told him.
"It did? Right now, you can do whatever you want," he replied.
"You miss me, don't you?" I noted.
"I do. I miss sweet and sexy you."
He's sweet, as always. I miss him, too. He is in Istanbul, safe and sound.

Things have changed. We were supposed to meet when he returns home this Friday. However, he has been asked to return to Cairo after his trip to Istanbul this week. So, we won't see each other until I am home from Shanghai next month. It seems like an eternity.

On a good note, we will be chatting more regularly this week. So, all is not lost.

My packing is going okay. I am slowly chipping away at my list of important items to bring along. Thank goodness for this long weekend! I always feel like I am missing something, even if I have prepared a list. My list continues to grow.


  1. gosh all that travelling must be difficult. i know i HATE it when Daddy has to be away. glad you're gonna have regular chats this week! and the two cars next to each other is cute. it's sometimes funny what we find comforting :)

    1. Thanks, Fondles! We are used to all the travel, but being apart is never fun. Thank goodness for Skype! And, yes, we both love it when our cars are parked next to each other, even though we'd rather be physically doing the same. =)