Thursday, May 11, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker uncut version - the verdict

If you have been reading my blog for the last year or so, you know that I got hooked on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie in April of 2016. I love Fifty Shades Darker more.

I have no desire to read the trilogy. I have commented in the past that those who have read the books have noted that the grammar isn't the best. I would rather not bother getting annoyed.

So, I watched the uncut version of Fifty Shades Darker. It is roughly an extra eleven minutes longer that the official movie release.

My comments may spoil it for you if you haven't seen the uncut version. If you haven't, read this post later!

On the whole, I liked the majority of uncut scenes. There were some scenes that I didn't think added that much value to the movie, so I can understand why they were cut out:
  • The phone conversations between Ana and her mom (they were sweet, though). I learned that Christian called Ana's dad and asked him for his blessing to marry Ana.
  • The alleyway kiss between Ana and Christian when they were trying to get back together.
The one scene that I am still on the fence is the billiards scene between Ana and Christian. It was hot how competitive they were and how close they were from each other. Ana lost the match, but she hinted that she wanted to be spanked. Instead, he bend her over the table and they had anal sex. It was hot, but I really wanted a few smacks across her backside first. I suppose that it was okay that the scene wasn't included in the original movie release because I wanted more than just a quickie.

The following scenes should have been included in the original movie:
  • The longer version of Charlie Tango, Christian's helicopter, going down. I like the imagery, the banter between Christian and Ross, and how he tried to safely land his helicopter. It was much more exciting than the final version.
  • Christian coming back home after his crash, and being with his family and friends. It was nice to see them all de-stressing at the dining room table, drinking beer, with Christian describing how he was trying to avoid the trees. Ana held his arm as he talked. You also saw Jose and Christian chat, with Jose being okay with accepting Christian as Ana's boyfriend, which you don't fully see in the official movie.
  • Christian's speech on his birthday was better in the uncut version. He thanked his parents for putting up with him, which was sweet.
  • The red room scene after they have sex. The image of both of them naked, with Christian embracing Ana while they are both seated on the bed was sweet and endearing. Ana says that she loves him. Christian reciprocates, which you don't hear him declare his love for her much in dialogue. 
  • The text exchange that started with Christian asking whether Ana had a job after her boss had resigned. It was short that it didn't need to be cut out. It also saw a compassionate side of Christian.
I am sure that I have more thoughts, but those are the ones that stood out. 

I got my copy from Best Buy, which doesn't come with any bells and whistles. I have heard that the DVD version from Walmart has a picture book. I will need to swing by the store and see if that's true.

Naturally, the DVD versions in the States are more elaborate. I don't think that I will be over the border anytime soon, unfortunately.

I am so happy with my uncut version. I will be watching it on repeat for a while.


  1. Haven't seen the movies, but aware of some of the content. Wondered what it was like for you to watch the movie alone. Do you project yourself in Ana's place, or just enjoy it as a detached viewer?

    1. That's a good question, Styxman. I don't see myself as Ana when I am watching the movie. I am more detached.

      I see parts of me in Ana and see parts of my guy in Christian. Christian sweetly kisses Ana's bare right buttock after inserting ben wa balls. My guy does the same thing after a spanking.

      Needless to say, I do enjoy the movie and can't wait to watch it with my guy!

  2. Anna and Christian Never had anal sex in a Book , But hot spanking with ruler on billiard table.

    1. I am glad that I didn't read the book before watching the movie. I would have been extremely disappointed that the scene did not show the entire spanking. I love a good spanking with a ruler, being bent over to receive it. It's a wonderful fantasy to have it all happen over a billiards table!

      Thanks for letting me know and for dropping by, Mona Lisa. =)