Monday, May 08, 2017

Dinner date before flying off

Whenever my guy and I are at the office, we often go out for lunch together. We haven't done that since late November.

For some reason, the demand for classes held at our workplace has subsided substantially. He hasn't been travelling all that much, either. I can't complain, for I have been lucky to see him more than I used to when he was constantly on the road.

I do miss having lunch with him, though.

Dinner with him on Saturday felt like our lunch dates. We revisited the same restaurant close to our workplace. The place has revamped their menus, which was the only change.

Despite the restaurant being pretty packed for a Saturday night, we managed to get seated quickly and got out of there in an hour.

I went with my regular dish, which is the spicy garlic chicken. I scoured the new menu for something with ginger in it, for my guy loves ginger. I found ginger beef, which he automatically ordered.

We were both happy to have our favourite dishes. It was also nice to catch up. My guy looked tired from the stress of doing a last-minute task that was unexpected before heading to meet me. However, he was happy hearing me talk. I suppose that it gave him some time to unwind.

After dinner, we walked holding hands to our cars. Naturally, I led the way to the office. First, I have a lead foot when I drive. Second, it allows my guy to follow me without getting lost.

We parked at work. My guy got his luggage and such out of his car and into mine. We then got into my car, with my offering to car-sit his car for three weeks. Naturally, my guy held onto his keys rather tightly.

I caressed his head, which had stubble that was soft to the touch. We then held hands as I drove us over to the terminal.

I parked. He gave me his usual just-stand-there-and-don't-lift-anything-because-I-don't-want-you-to-hurt-your-back look as he unloaded my car's trunk and placed each item on a cart.

We hugged. It felt like a minute being in each other's arms. He smelled good. I felt good. I could tell that he did, too.
"Send me a quick note that you have arrived safely," I said to him.
"Will do," he replied, blowing me a kiss as he headed into the terminal.
He's gone for three weeks. It's a good thing that we have Skype.


  1. Happy you got to spend some sweet time together but sorry he's going to be gone for 3 weeks, CB. At least it's not like when I was on the road years ago with no Skype or cell phones...the only thing we had was pre-paid phone cards and/or calling home collect. Hope the time flies. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Yes, three weeks isn't too bad. We are lucky to have Skype. Otherwise, we would be doing long-distance calls on landlines and we would be breaking the bank! I remember doing those pre-paid phone cards. Ah, good times. =)