Saturday, May 06, 2017

My vision is getting better

I am glad that the weekend is here. I am beat.

On Friday, I had my ophthalmologist appointment. I have good news.

A month ago, I went to my first ophthalmologist appointment. One of the tests consisted of wearing my glasses, covering my left eye, and trying to read the eye chart with my right eye. My right eye is the one that has blood blocking my central vision. I could only read the largest font presented to me. Everything else was blurry.

A week ago, I went out for a drink and appetizers with my manager after work. I recall looking at the TV over his head. Everything looked clearer. I covered my left eye and remarked that it did.

Switching back to my appointment on Friday, I read the eye chart with only my right eye. I was able to read up to the sixth row before things looked fuzzy.

My eye is getting better. My ophthalmologist is pleased. I got my second eye injection.

My third one will be a bit later than what we had wanted, simply because I am going on vacation and so is he. He says that it's okay to get my next injection in over a month. Getting the injection before I leave may be risky.

For nearly a month, I have been venting about my insurance company and my experience dealing with various folks there. Today, I got confirmation from the receptionist at the eye office that she, too, dislikes dealing with my insurance company. We both ended up venting. We both felt good that we were on the same page.

We both agree that it is best to go with my ophthalmologist's pharmacy to get the drug that I need injected in my eye. However, my insurance company insists on using its own, regardless of what I want when I was asked. My say meant nothing, so why did my insurance company pose the question to me? We both find that the process makes you do way too much work and gets you frustrated.

It was nice that it wasn't just me feeling this way. The reception has to fill out multiple forms every time I need an injection.

I am thankful that my vision is improving. Despite getting incredibly stressed out dealing with my insurance company, this stress hasn't stopped my vision from getting better. Let's hope that this progress continues.


  1. So happy your eye is improving, CB. Insurance companies, have mercy...don't even get me started. Hopefully your vacation will help with your stress and this second injection will show even more improvement in your eye.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am, too, Cat! I am hoping that the insurance company stops contacting me. It's not like it needs to, as it completely ignores my wishes and aren't informative. Rather, these calls make me get all worked up. I agree that my vacation can't come any sooner!