Thursday, May 04, 2017

A spanking before travelling

My guy and I are on travelling schedules for the next few weeks. It's nice that my guy is already planning my spankings before and after he flies off.

He leaves for Cairo on Saturday, so I am taking him to the airport. He is there for two weeks before he travels over to Istanbul for a week. Thank goodness we have Skype! So, I have a spanking coming up.

My guy returns a day before I fly to Shanghai. Unfortunately, we couldn't take our vacation weeks together. It's still fine. I have seen him a lot more on weekends these days.
"It's a pretty long flight for you," my guy remarked.
"Yes, it's a day sitting on a plane," I estimated.
"You are going to be so uncomfortable sitting there with a sore butt," he noted.
"That's mean! You can't spank me hard before I fly off," I playfully protested.
"Sure, I can. You're my bad girl and I will spank you before you go on vacation."
I like when he spanks me before I travel. I remember the first time he did that. It was a day before I few off to Las Vegas a few years ago. It's a sweet reminder of how loved I am and how much he enjoys spanking me.


  1. Love the way your guy is planning your spankings around your travel schedules, are definitely well loved.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree, Cat. It's a loving, thoughtful gesture on his part to schedule them. =)