Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bad, bad girl

Although he really isn't my guy anymore, I will stick with calling him that until I can figure out what other nickname to give him.

Anyway, we had a decent lunch together on Tuesday. I will write about that in a bit.

We still have a close friendship. At one point, I teased him. He took a pair of cheap wooden chopsticks at our usual Chinese restaurant and started slapping my hands with them. He called me a bad girl while doing so.

Under normal circumstances, when I am not grieving, I would be turned on by those words. I did come across this video recently. It's fitting.

I agree with a number of supporters both in the blogosphere and my in-town friends that I should continue to blog about how I feel. After all, I do write for a living and it does provide me comfort. Thanks for your encouragement while I sort out how I feel and try to pick myself back up.

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  1. Glad you had a good lunch, but yes-- something that normally turns you on could be all the more painful when you're grieving!