Friday, September 06, 2013

A staycation worth waiting for

Over the long Labour Day weekend, I decided to do a staycation, which consisted of my checking into a hotel in Mississauga. Sure, it's not exactly an exotic place to relax, but it worked for me.

I work by the airport, but that's not exactly the heart of the city. I don't know much about Mississauga, other than where the major shopping malls are. I was talking to my guy the other day and mentioned that I had never seen a movie in that city. He was somewhat shocked.

Well, on Saturday, I did just that. I saw The Butler. It was a free flick for me, as I had enough movie points to splurge. It was a great movie. I highly recommend seeing it.

I had mentioned to my guy that I was staying in a hotel this weekend. He told me that he'd be flying in on Saturday night and that he would stop by. He did.

He knocked on my door at 22:20. I opened it and asked if I knew him. He laughed.

He liked the hotel room. The rooms have been recently renovated and my room was spacious. The regular rate was going for $119 a night, but I ended up with a decent $40 discount a night.

We hugged. It felt so good. He was wearing his black blazer, which makes him look dapper and even more attractive than ever. He smelled good, too. He was wearing aftershave that reminded me of our first date.

We kissed. It was soothing and things felt familiar again. He gave me a present from Croatia.
"Should I open it now?" I asked him.
"I'd rather open something else of yours," he said sheepishly.
He held my hand and led me to the king-sized bed. We sat on it for a bit. 
"How have you been?" he asked me.
"I'm definitely better now," I replied.
"Likewise," he agreed.
We kissed some more. He looked at what was under my pink shirt and asked whether my seatbelt was on, which meant that he wanted to grope my breasts. Anyway, he saw his favourite black bra under my shirt. He loved that. We stretched out on the bed, with my guy pulling up my shirt to play with my breasts.

He managed to get my breasts out of my bra. He fondled my left nipple as he sucked the right. It was wonderful.

Soon enough, I was being fingered by him. He had reached under my shorts and lacy black panties, and was pleasuring me. I was curled up against him as I came. My orgasm was incredibly intense.
"Wow, that was amazing," I said in a dopey tone.
"Good," he said.
"It was so different," I remarked.
"See, you can have good sex on a bed. Isn't this new spin on things great?" he said, teasing me.
"You really want me to be an airhead, don't you?" I asked him, which made us both laugh.
He then worked on fingering my backside. I made the remark that he can always find the backdoor. He certainly did. Moments later, I came again.

I wanted to rest my head against his chest. I have always enjoyed that position after I have had an orgasm and feel limp. He let me.

When I had more energy, I began caressing his hard cock with my right hand. His navy blue trousers were smooth to the touch. His cock was getting harder with every stroke.

My guy couldn't take it any longer. His shoes came off, as did his trousers and briefs. I was jerking his erect penis. It felt nice.

My guy likes when our legs are intertwined. We did just that. I continued to jerk him off. What I wasn't expecting was my guy's leg rubbing against my wet pussy. I was so turned on that I wanted to come, but I wanted him to as well. He yelled out to forget about him and to have me come. I felt bad at first, but I want to reach orgasm desperately that I did. It was amazing.

When I had restored some of my energy again, I asked about him and began jerking his cock again. I had it rub against my bare thigh from time to time, which drove my guy crazy. We kissed while I continued giving him a handjob. He came all over my hand. We both loved it. All this time on the bed, I had my right hand groping my guy's bare bottom. It was hot!

We rested for a bit. My guy then got up to get a towel to dry off. We talked for a bit and hugged in bed, talking about our day.

It was perfect. I had got him a bag of protein powder. He was thankful. I was, too. I knew that it was a long travel day for him and I appreciated that he had stopped by. He was equally as grateful to have spent some quality time with me in a bigger venue than what we're accustomed to.

Staycations are good.

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