Monday, September 09, 2013

A phone call before our Thursday night dinner

Before my guy and I became an item, we chatted casually on Skype. He asked me for my Skype handle and I gave it to him. A day later, he added me and said who he was.

One day, while sending instant messages on Skype, he asked if we could talk over Skype, as he tends to be an "old-fashioned guy." It kind of makes sense as we have come to know each other.

I was at work on Thursday. At around 16:45, he came upstairs to our cubicle area and talked to me about something work-related. His actions were the complete reverse compared to the previous day. I think that he was less tense after having our talk. I suggested that he talk to a couple of software developers upstairs. He liked my advice and did just that.

Technically, he didn't have to come upstairs. He could have sent me a text message. Instead, he wanted to talk face-to-face.

Roughly forty minutes later, he came back to his cubicle. Rather than sending me a message on Skype to figure out whether I was ready to leave work, he disappeared.

A minute later, my desk phone at work was ringing. It was from a conference room -- the same room in which we had had our chat the day before. He was cheerful. He asked if I was ready to go. I was. I noted that he was connecting with me in an old-school fashion. He said yes. We both liked it.

My guy left work first. I followed shortly after. I met him in the parking lot. He was sitting in his car. I said hi, reached through his half-opened car window to caress his head. He smiled. He clearly liked that.

We walked into the restaurant, both ordered noodle dishes, and talked. He started off fretting about changes at work and some baggage from his past, but I managed to make him laugh towards the end of the night.

Perhaps an hour or two later, we headed to the counter to settle our bill. My guy was kind to pay.
"Thanks for dinner," I said, which is normally how I express how much I appreciate having dinner with him.
"You're welcome. Thanks for the company, sweetness."
"You're welcome, sweetie."
He's getting back to his normal self. He just needs some time and support.

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