Thursday, April 02, 2020

My ex-guy wrote after realizing that I missed his birthday for the first time

A few posts ago, I wrote about deciding not to wish my ex-guy a happy birthday. I felt good about my decision.

It's not shocking, but he noticed that I didn't. I remember dates well. It was always like clockwork to send him an e-card or an e-mail to wish him a happy birthday.

Last night, he wrote back to me. In the Subject line, he said, "Hope you're doing well!" He then enclosed a photo of two purple birds perched on a tree.

Purple is my favourite colour. Birds are okay. They aren't my favourite, though.

There were two of them. Am I reading into the whole thing too much that they represented us? What we used to be or what we should be?

I also thought it was fitting that he wrote on April Fool's Day. I'm not sure if he was being genuine or playing a sick prank. Perhaps it was simply coincidence.


  1. I seriously doubt it was intentional. Perhaps coincidence. And don't fall for it.

    It souds like he wants you to relent and pity(?) him a little...? Maybe?

    I'd ignore if I were you. After all, if it was the right choice for his actual birthday, then it's still the right choice for now.

    1. I'm hoping that it's pure coincidence, too. I haven't been tempted to respond, as it will open up a conversation that I'm not ready for and don't want.

      As always, thanks for your insight and support. I appreciate it and you.

  2. Really, it's time to move on.

    It's a little hard to meet new people under the circumstances, so maybe we need an online dating service where the relationships are strictly online.

    What animal would you have liked better than birds?

    1. It is. It's easier to move on when you don't have reminders from your past, though.

      I will give meeting new people a rest for a bit. I met my last love interest online and it didn't work out. I ended that last month. When I'm ready, I can write more about it.

      Maybe I should clarify that the birds that he had in the picture weren't my favourite. I love penguins, owls, bears, sheep, and pandas the best.

  3. Your ex is an arrogant, petulant, little boy and you are far better off without him. His missive was sent with the intention to hurt rather than a recollection of pleasant memories!!


    1. Concisely and accurately put! I completely agree.