Monday, April 06, 2020

Reorganizing plastic bags and panties, fixing earrings, and more

Over a year ago, I was getting rid of stuff at home that I didn't need and reorganizing the stuff that I wanted to keep. I then went on what I didn't know was my last trip with my ex-guy. Since the breakup, I haven't had the motivation to reorganize my stuff and pick up from where I had left off.

I am motivated now.

On Sunday, I looked at all plastic bags that I had thrown into multiple bags and folded them up. They are now organized by size. I also found my iced tea flask. I will be brewing iced tea with a bunch of tea bags that need to be used.

I folded all my panties and bras in my drawer the way Marie Kondo does hers. I will say that it's such a major improvement and I have a nice, cheerful collection of panties and bras. I'll be doing socks and pyjamas next.

Finally, I have been converting earrings with French hooks over to leverbacks. I don't like the former because the hook part jabs into me when I wear them and I don't like the tiny plastic backings on the hooks. The conversion is pretty simple. I need to reorder more leverbacks.

I like that I have various projects on the go. It's great that the time that I used to spend commuting to and from work is put into tasks that are meaningful.


  1. Sounds like time well spent.

    I on the other hand, LOVE the hooks and have converted a lot of my stud earrings (the ones that will work with it) to hooks. The thing is, that little plastic thing isn't meant to be worn - they're just supposed to keep the earrings on the little plastic hangers that they come on when they're hung up in the store :)

    1. That's cool. I wish that French hooks worked. I use the plastic stopper things because I tend to unhook those earrings if I don't. I'll take my scarf off and my earring goes with it. I'll put on or take off a t-shirt and it goes. Hook earrings and me do not get along!

      I haven't tried converting stud earrings to leverbacks. Luckily, I don't have too many, but losing those backings is a pain!

    2. Oh, that had me giggling. I don't usually have a problem with getting my hooks caught on clothing. But since you do, then it's probably wise that you changed them to the leverbacks (which i just cant work with my fingers for some reason - i have one pair like that and i always take 10 mins to get them on!)

    3. It's weird that I am perfectly fine with leverbacks, but I can't text accurately because my fingers are huge... lol