Monday, April 20, 2020

The voicemail-blocking app works!

Good news! My phone app that not only blocks unwanted calls, but also disconnects them from heading over to voicemail works well.

The stalking ex called my number yesterday evening. I looked at the app and sure enough, the call was blocked and I didn't get any voicemail. Yay!

It is scary when someone doesn't accept no for an answer and is in denial that the relationship is over. Constantly calling me isn't helpful. This app is great and I am happy with it so far.

On a completely different note, I am able to do twenty pushups in a row. Roughly two weeks ago, I could barely do five. I'm pleased. My biceps are slowly toning up.

This weekend went by too quickly. Here's to another workweek at home.


  1. Clever people behind these apps. Have a good week.

  2. It's always a pleasure when technology works. I spend far too much time straightening out problems with it.

    1. I agree. Less time troubleshooting is always welcomed.