Monday, January 07, 2019

Tripping with my guy

My guy called me from the gym. I like when he talks to me on the treadmill. I made his workout easier, as I started our chat by doing a lot of talking. He likes listening to my funny stories.

We then talked about his upcoming trip.
"Did you get your vacation request?" he asked me.
"Yes, I did. Is your trip confirmed?" I asked him.
"Yes, it was on Friday. I'l book our plane tickets," he said.
"Yay!" I exclaimed, which made him laugh.
It's nice that we will be spending a week together. We both can't wait.


  1. How wonderful. How many days will you be gone?


    1. I'm gone for eight days. He's there for two more days than I am. I couldn't book the same flights as he did, but I'm pleased that I spend a decent chunk of time with him.